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  • Ankush always believed in giving back to the tech community with particular focus on creating and supporting opportunities for those wanting to start a career in tech, through diversity and inclusion programmes. This started out by mentoring and delivering workshops in association with tech for good charities, to creating and building the CodeVisors Community.

  • CodeVisors is a community and an organization driven by tech enthusiasts focusing on reciprocal collaboration between members of the tech community. The aim of the community is to encourage and promote communication, best practices and technical expertise in an inclusive and welcome environment. Grow your professional network on LinkedIn by adding CodeVisors to your volunteer profile.

  • We opened this server specially for developers & coders so that they can get a good and nice space for working, showing their creations, find some more peoples of their kind and can collaborate with other developers and get a good environment for coding. You can discuss, talk, make projects and can do anything here with other developers. Peoples who are not developers can also join us because they can also get space for chilling and make some new nice friends and make the community enjoyful.

  • Join Discord to chat in an inclusive, safe and supportive environment in channels ranging from databases, to public speaking and hackathons. And join CodeVisors GitHub organization to Collaborate in interesting projects, increase your discoverability by creating an issue under "Invite me to GitHub" label in support repo.

  • ASG Talks Practice, share and learn public speaking skills in a safe and welcoming environment. Join this inclusive audio only call in our Discord, organised and managed by community members. where we discuss about our learnings, projects, collaboration, as well as our plans for next week.

  • Grow your professional network on LinkedIn by adding CodeVisors to your volunteer profile.

  • Newsletter Featuring achievements by community members, suggested content and upcoming events.

  • we will be having set of monthly taks for all members of the community like writing blog post making videos giving intro and yep learning something and doing projects According to this I'll pic to participant randomly any time and send him/her swags